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Travel to Jordan
Friday, June 29, 2007
Since time immemorial Jordan hase been croosroad for migration people, invading armies and international trade. With history dating back over two millenia, the country teems with mementoes of many races,including walled Canaanite cities, Greek palaces, Muslim Shrines, Byzantine churches, the huge Roman City of Jerash and the lost City of Petra, hewn by by the Nabataenans from solid rock. Today Jorda also offer relaxation and rejuvenation at the luxurios resort spas set on the shores of The Dead Sea a good escape from the stress of modern life.

The city of Petra, the Roman City of Jerash, mountain and desert landscape, castle ruins, Roman theatres, Churches, Mosques and the Dead Sea.
City Hotels,resort spas and valley hotels.

Family activities
Children's entertainment and activities at the Dead Sea resort spas.

You can buy bedouin rugs and tapestries, embroidery, brass and copper goods, ceramics, handmade glass, inlaid boxes,coloured sand botlles, silver Bedouin jewellery and natural Dead Sea. All thing you can buy in Souk, shopping malls and tourist bazaars.

Oriental coffee shops, local and international restaurants, Kan Zayman restaurant and tourism village, hotel bars and discotheques.

Sport and Leisure
Horse and camel riding at Petra, spas, Health treatments and swimming at the Dead Sea.

Jerash Music Festival (July-August) Petra Exhibition (September-January)
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